Tali’Zora Mass Effect cosplay commission - Finished!!

Includes a sensor in the helmet’s LED that makes the light flicker when she speaks. Goodness, what a fun build! All hardware and armor pieces foam fabricated and sealed with latex. The back harness/shoulder pieces I think were the most daunting for me, but once I stopped over-engineering the pattern it came together quite well, I think! So many individual parts to make the many individual parts!

Fabric is from Spoonflower, for those curious.

I really need to go play Mass Effect, don’t I?

My friend made this and it looks even more badass in real life.

I’m half-Jew in the way that doesn’t count (dad’s side) and atheist besides, but damn if I don’t love Passover. I have really fond memories of frantic family get-togethers. Brisket. Wine. Loud complaining from the kitchen. Mostly to get the fuck out of the kitchen. Seders that drag on forever and everyone is STARVING. And wine glasses empty twice over by the time the seder ends.

And matzo/charoset/maror sandwhiches. The best thing ever. 

It’s Jewish Thanksgiving!



This is just a shot in the dark, but I don’t suppose anybody following me has experience doing freelance character design work? Say for animated TV series, feature films or computer games? I need a bit of business advice from somebody in the know. I’ve done a little of this kind of thing in a semi-professional capacity in the past, but I’m still pretty ill-equipped to deal with the financial side of the enterprise. Thanks in advance!

We need a word for the feeling of having your back scratched.
Also applicable to the pleasure of a good shave, brushing your hair, stepping out of the shower, squeezing your face free of blackheads, etc.
Primate related preferably as its such a chimpy sensation, if the word doesn’t already exist.

what the fuck??? who´s this asshole

Don’t worry about it. A) It’s a kid. I’m not about to get angry at a kid. And B) the work was turned into a free-to-use base by someone about a year ago who I already had take down the piece. Unfortunately that base still floats around without crediting me, so people have no idea it was something bought and paid for by a client.

People don’t usually steal things from me, but when they do, it’s usually an animation I did. This thing has gotten the most miles. Started popping up on Neopets years ago and people still don’t know it’s mine.