I think TWC is throttling my service. I’ve had to harass them two days in a row to get my upload speed to actually act like what I’m paying for (1mb/s).

Plus they must think I’m stupid. I know how to reboot my router. And rebooting your computer isn’t the kind of solution you ought to be taking when your upload speed is reduced to 100kb/s. My computer isn’t the issue. It’s your crap service.

Christ, it’s like I’m living the late 90s all over again. My upload speed was better in freshman year.

Sincerely thinking about looking into what else might be available in my area (LA) if this persists. I don’t want crap service impacting my work output. And I don’t want to keep paying TWC for shoddy internet either.

also their “HOW TO BETTER INTERNET!” page is laughable as fuck

The speed of the processor, hard drive, network card, graphics accelerator, even the amount of RAM, all impact the speed your computer can process Internet data.


• Upgrading your RAM is one of the easiest, least expensive ways to boost speed.
• In general, older computers will limit the speed you receive with your Time Waner Cable modem connection.

YEAH SURE LEMME JUST SHOVE MORE RAM STIKS IN MY COMPUTER! I’m sure all 32 gb of ram is definitely slowing down my internet

Patreon vs Tapastic

(I tried to answer this in comments, but I think tumblr ate one)

Patreon- Platform for taking donations and delivering “donor-only” content. You can have public content, but the layout is not suited for webcomic reading. Fees are very reasonable, they take 5% + the fee the credit card company charges. They claim it works out to ~9%.  If you’re making very small amounts, the fee is higher because of the credit card companies have a minimum per charge.

Pros: lower fee

Cons: Not really a host, doesn’t do ad revenue

Tapastic- Platform for hosting webcomics. High fees, bad discovery. Awful layout. You would be better off with a stock wordpress instance, or using tumblr to host. They claim it’s mobile optimized, but I highly disagree. I have not used their app.

Pros: It is a host. Has comments and ad revenue as well as donations. Some promotion?

Cons: Awful layout, HIGH fees (they take 30% of ad revenue, 15% of donations). NO payout unless you make >$25/month.

Good points, figured I’d share them here for other folks to see as well.

Users of Manga Studio 5 and 5ex:

If your files are getting MASSIVELY huge and even your beefy computer is having trouble saving them, no matter how many layers you remove

try clearing your history. It seems MS saves like every alteration you made and doesn’t nix them when you open and close your file. Deleting your history will make saving out go faster and files compress down FAR more. Seriously made a 680 mb file I had snap down to less than 2 mb.

Figured I’d share this as I didn’t see anyone else on Google mention this issue.

Tapastic or Patreon?

Looking into support platform for comic distribution and funding. Patreon is a well known platform at this point, but I recently discovered Tapastic. It seems more self-contained and geared specifically towards comic consumption on the computer and mobile.

I’d like to know from folks who’ve used either service if they could inform me of the advantages and disadvantages of both.

And those who support creators, does the subscription service on either platform make donations worth it?

Alright so as DA is mostly still active where folks have groups, then what groups? The running theme among followers answering this question is lone artists trying to get their work noticed, being ignored. But the two folks who responded in social groups have more going for them on DeviantArt.

What are these groups? What are they about? Are they official DA groups or just groups of friends? What’s a good way of getting individuals noticed on a platform like DA where it’s increasingly a good idea to be a part of a thing rather than be alone?




Saturday Projects

Wow, guys! No Quellamunga update today. Instead, something way more important! Money! Or to put it more elegantly, living wages!

I’ve started a Patreon if you’d like to check it out. Everything’s set up and running except that I’d like to add an introductory video and a thank you video to it. I’ll be getting right on that this week for sure!

Take a look! Take a look! I’m really proud of the milestones, especially. Lots of writing quote references (Hee hee! I’m so clever!).

Also, let me know if you have any questions or comments. I’d love to hear the feedback.

this is my friend Clint he is a cool dude and you should examine his wares.

Do it for the elephant.